it takes two to make a bargain

it takes two to make a bargain

1597 BACON Colours of Good & Euill x. 68 The seconde worde makes the bargaine.

1598 Mucedorus B2 Nay, soft, sir, tow words to a bargaine.

a 1637 MIDDLETON et al. Widow V. i. There’s two words to a bargain ever..and if love be one, I’m sure money’s the other.

1766 GOLDSMITH Vicar of Wakefield II. xii. ‘Hold, hold, Sir,’ cried Jenkinson, ‘there are two words to that bargain.’

1943 M. FLAVIN Journey in Dark iv. Takes two to make a bargain, and you both done mighty wrong.

1973 E. McGIRR Bardel’s Murder iv. My father was in skins and he had to carry a life-preserver, they got so nasty. Caveat emptor, he used to say, it taking two to make a bargain.

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